Shaving equipment

Below is a typical setup for the morning’s shave. Razor of choice today is the Dovo Silver Steel 5/8″ from Straight Razor Designs. Shave cream is Proraso, and aftershave scent is Royall Bay Rhum. I say scent because putting such a thing on a freshly shaved face is asking for a lot of pain and irritation, so it only goes around the back of my neck. On the shaved area I like to use Nivea Post-shave Balm. Good stuff.

Morning shave equipment
Morning shave equipment

The Dovo is quite a flexible blade, and requires a very light touch. Any pressure at all and the blade will bend and not cut the whiskers. With a proper touch, however, the shave is excellent. This was my first new razor. My first two razors were antiques. That’s the beauty of this sport! A 100 year old razor of reputable brand and in good shape still can be honed to give a great shave.

The small amount of the Proraso shaving cream (a dab the size of a couple of almonds will do) whips into a generous mug full of lather. At some point, I’m going to get a proper shaving scuttle to keep the lather warm.

The brush is important. This one is probably the best bang-for-the-buck on the marketing. It’s a Tweezerman (yes, that’s really the name), is pure badger hair, and costs less than $20 from Amazon or any one of a number of dealers. The brush gets the shaving cream thoroughly massaged into the beard, making for a smoother shave.

More to come…

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