Park Repeater

The most fascinating watches to me are the repeaters; that is, watches that chime the hours, quarters, and possible minutes when activated by a lever.

I acquired a Park repeater on eBay, and was later able to acquire its sister watch from the same seller. The second watch was missing quite a few components, but it had a few key components that I needed.

Park repeater as delivered
Park Repeater

This is the original, believe it or not. It was pretty rough, and didn’t run at all.

Under the dial

You can see that one of the wheels (watchmaker-speak for “gear”) is missing several teeth. That was going to be a problem. However, a few days after I uncovered this problem, another Park repeater appeared on eBay, from the same seller. He wasn’t willing to sell directly to me, but fortunately I won the bid. Unfortunately, it turned out they weren’t completely identical, and the wheel didn’t fit. A little clever work with the lathe, however, and I was back in business.

Inside the back of the Park repeater
Inside back, showing the gongs

In this view, you can see the gongs that make the chimes. They are the curved metal bars that go around the movement just inside the case edge.

Another view under the dial
Another look under the dial

This view shows the heavy spring that makes the repeater lever go back after you pull it down. The repeater mechanism itself runs off a mainspring similar to the one that runs the watch.

After quite a lot of cleaning and swapping parts with the other movement, the watch runs, but with very low amplitude in the balance. It stops intermittently, making it not much good as a timekeeper. It does chime nicely, and is a joy to hear.

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