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In which I buy (North) American again

I finally bought another American car. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s just that what I’ve driven over the past several years has been dictated more by circumstances than by choice.

Red 2012 Dodge Challenger

My Challenger

My first car was American—a 1973 Ford Pinto Squire wagon, complete with fake wood side paneling, in a color Harrison Ford’s character from American Graffiti described as “a cross between piss yellow and barf green.” (more…)


Welcome to I’m finally transitioning my site from a single, stale page about a watchmaking project I did once, to a site documenting my various obsessions. I have a rotating list of hobbies that I take up for six months to a year with passion, then abandon suddenly to take up the next in the list. Occasionally, I add new hobbies, and the rotation cycle increases.

My current obsession is straight razor shaving, something I’ve always thought would be cool to learn how to do, but which I was afraid to try (for good reason). However, just as my father used to tell me that there’s a trade magazine for everything, there is now a website for everything. When the bug hit, I found, which had all kinds of advice for the newbie. I’ve now been shaving with a straight for over a month, and am only slightly the worse for wear.

Stay tuned – I’ll be adding pages for cooking, watchmaking, flying, etc., soon.

– Fred