This is the page where I’m supposed to introduce myself and tell you why you should be so interested in me and my web site. I’m just conceited enough to have a web site, but not so conceited to think you’re here because of me. I assume you got here by searching for something related to one of my hobbies. If so, I hope you find something here of interest.

I’m one of these people who’s interests are always expanding. I rarely stick at any one hobby long enough to master it, but that doesn’t stop me from diving in head-first, sucking up all the knowledge on the topic I can find, and usually investing in the very best equipment before moving on to something else.

If we meet, you will find few topics on which I’m not at least modestly conversant. I have strong opinions on clothes, watches, food, personal hygiene, music, transportation, and technology, and am happy to discuss them. After long and bitter experience, I have decided that I will not engage in political discussion.

Me and my FJR at Lick Observatory

Me and my FJR 1300 at Lick Observatory

I hope you enjoy this site!


  • FJ3Patton

    So you are timid about flying, but ride an FJR1300?
    Comment from fj3patton, a 23 year veteran of American Honda Motorcycle Division, 100K motorcycle rider (mostly ST1100’s), and devoted Flight Simulator enthusiast! (former USAF meterologist and FAA ground weather school instructor).

    • http://fpatton.net Fred Patton

      Yeah, go figure! After my last lesson on stalls, though, I’m a lot less timid about flying. (Could have gone either way with that, I guess!)