Welcome to fpatton.com. I’m finally transitioning my site from a single, stale page about a watchmaking project I did once, to a site documenting my various obsessions. I have a rotating list of hobbies that I take up for six months to a year with passion, then abandon suddenly to take up the next in the list. Occasionally, I add new hobbies, and the rotation cycle increases.

My current obsession is straight razor shaving, something I’ve always thought would be cool to learn how to do, but which I was afraid to try (for good reason). However, just as my father used to tell me that there’s a trade magazine for everything, there is now a website for everything. When the bug hit, I found www.straightrazorplace.com, which had all kinds of advice for the newbie. I’ve now been shaving with a straight for over a month, and am only slightly the worse for wear.

Stay tuned – I’ll be adding pages for cooking, watchmaking, flying, etc., soon.

– Fred